FOR HONOR (also info about the wu lin’s heroes)

FOR HONOR is a game set in the medieval times, which is also engulfed in war by three factions VIKINGS, KNIGHTS, and SAMURAI, there is also another faction named the WU LIN which was added in the marching fire expansion although this faction is not apart of the story and only consist of four heroes first is Tiandi now Tiandi is a heavy class which means he held a two-handed weapon. (background info of tiandi)-The Tiandi is a loyal protector to kings, queens, and emperors, they are masters of the Dao blade, the weapon of choice for these Royal Guards

second is Jiang jun, they are a heavy class. The Jiang Jun are generals among the ancient Chinese armies. They areĀ  wise leaders who have mastered the guandao.

third is the nuxia, the nuxia is an assassin class which means she is quick. The nuxia are bodyguards and assassins who often disguised their talents through dance. They are deadly artist of the hook swords.

and final is the Shaolin, he is a hybrid which means they are multiple classes combined, The Shaolin are fierce warrior monks who have completely mastered their staff.

Now getting back to what i was talking about each faction consist of different classes/heroes. the war between all of the factions is caused by a warlord named Apollyon the leader of Blackstone Apollyon goal is (spoiler alert)

is to actually show the factions that they really are people of war/cuase of the war, not to cause a war between all of them. well, that is all i can say but please enjoy the videos i made below :]

thank you for reading bye!

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