WORLD WAR Z is a game inspired by the movie World War z which is about zombies who climb on top of each other to climb tall objects/things and same with the walking dead series they are attracted to sound and they come in HUGE hordes as seen in the picture below.

In the movie, they don’t attack people who are sick like example: cancer, or flu so hospitals will probably be less targeted in my opinion but in the game, the zombies don’t care if your sick or not and unlike the movie there are special types in the game.

Zombie Swarms – This type of zombie only has one goal to overrun the survivors.

Screamers – Screamers scream when they are alerted by you which attracts a lot of zombies.

Hazmat – When a Hazmat zombie is killed poisonous smoke will surround its corpse.

Bull – The Bull will rush you and knock you down and he has two weaknesses his back and electricity.

Creeper (aww man) – Creepers will wait for you and then will pounce on you and will only come off when killed.


Here is some gameplay of WORLD WAR Z.

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