Destiny 2

Destiny is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game made by  Bungie. currently, I have gotten the free version from steam the free version includes 3 free DLC’s the red war, the curse of the oasis and war mind and also a win-win for me as the 2 other DLC’s you need to buy are cheaper in my country the Philippines. I enjoy Destiny because of the gameplay Destiny is also has MMO elements is also a mix of fantasy, fps shooters, and sci-fi as there are 3 classes

hunter, guardian, and warlock i will explaining each of their powers

hunter  – The hunter has the ability to triple jump. The hunter is very mobile and his abilities are just mostly buffs or damage you can identify a hunter by their unique robes.

Titans – the Titan specializes on melee damage due to their buff body they certainly pack a punch the abilities of a Titan are mostly defense and damage ex: one of the ults of the titan is a flaming hammer which deals high damage. you can identify a Titan by there bulky armor.


Warlock – Warlocks have a unique set of abilities such as their jump act like gliding and their abilities specialize more in support such as healing, defense, and buffs to there weapons you can identify a warlock by their special arm bond.

Also here is some gameplay

Thank you for reading bye!

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