Assassin’s Creed Origins


Assassin’s Creed Origins is an open world game which locates in Egypt and you play as a Medjay /Assassin called Bayek as you go around the world killing Bandits, Gladiators, Romans, Animals and so-called gods with mystic powers your goals is to kill all the members of a mysterious cultcalled the order because of an incident where Bayek accidentally stabbed his child named Khemu

After killing two of the members of the mysterious group you go to Alexandria you meet Bayeks wife Aya who reveals that she already killed the other two members after being given the new you are now set to find the last one “The Snake" after killing the last one you find out there are more members you go through the game killing the other members then a war goes out you help

Cleopatra side of the war until you are betrayed after escaping you go back to your home village to find it has been raided

you enter a tomb to find out your buddy got killed you carry his body out of the tomb and take his fire sword you wanting to take revenge you travel to the outpost and infiltrate it and find the last member and it turns out he can shoot lasers yep lasers you fight him I don’t know what happened cause I got scared and never fought him there was still another little chuck left of the story


Now  will tell you what I like about the game first is that the whole map  is almost a real creation of Egypt  also the combat is perfect it catches the realism of battle’s that took place before  also the realism put into the NPC’s like if you start or a fire starts they will try to put out the fire

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