Fortnite Mech vs Kaiju event

In this article, I will talk/explain the Mech vs kaiju event in fornite which happened (this is for pacific time) at 2:00 am this event was very crazy but was also short. the Monster nicknamed CATTUS. The Mech (picture down below) is being controlled by a skin/person named singularity which can be unlocked after collecting 90 forty bytes in-game. forty bytes are basically challenges you need complete or you need to find them in the map.  

me during the event i thought the Kaiju/Monster was going to win since most of the battle the Monster was getting an upper hand because most of the time the monster would rip off parts of the Mech like an arm or so. i have recorded the event and i will share with all of the experience

i have also taken pics of the event so enjoy the carousel that i have made. 

that’s it bye.

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