A WAR OF MINE is a survival game were you control a group of 4 random people or you can make your own scenario you can customize how many people you have how long the war will end and so on (the picture below is a custom game i made)

My custom game didn’t go to good as all of my characters became depressed or dead. this game is a very interesting and realistic, example if your character is too depressed he/she

cant scavenge or guard your settlement and each area has its own details example like the supermarket is overrun by soldiers but you can find many food or meds at that area. i just got the game yesterday but i would rate it 7/10 for gameplay,9/10 for realism. below are some of my gameplay of the game below is the random oneĀ 

and here is the customized version enjoy my bad gameplay

thats it bye.

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